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"To promote the benefits of using clean organic and if available vegan cosmetic, health and wellbeing products, to supplement the provision of your balanced health and wellbeing, where CBD and Hemp may be of value".

The founding principle for our venture is a strong belief that the supply of  CBD and Hemp products, must be entirely transparent and accompanied by full and accurate lab reports, so the consumer knows that the product they are buying does not have any misleading information about its composition or supposed health benefits.


Why buy from Clever Botanics? Because our CBD and hemp collections are sourced only from the reputable manufacturers KannaSwiss, CBDistillery and Bhang Group, who use state of the art technology to meticulously extract their full spectrum CBD. Our Hemp flowers are entirely organic with a third party lab report stating the level of CBD at around 10%.

Precise, micro-targeted dosing of CBD in the bottling or capsulation process, ensures that the end user is getting the correct quantity per application or ingestion. This differentiates our products from those you will find on the high street, since they only generally contain inferior quality CBD in much lower percentages, in order to sell at rock bottom prices. This renders the product almost entirely ineffective.

cleverbotanics story



Clever Botanics was founded as a result of a very positive personal experience with CBD as a supplement to aiding my brother's life long suffering from epilepsy and lupus. Whilst at this stage we cannot make claim to CBD being a cure for these conditions, what our family and many other users are discovering is that CBD when administered carefully and watchfully using the highest quality product and after consultation with physicians, can bring benefits to the user.

In order to ensure that my brother was using a product we could trust, I decided to research at length and found this blossoming industry to be overwhelming and the credibility of certain suppliers, to be wanting. Having eventually found products that I knew to be credible, I set up Clever Botanics, to ensure that other users could rely on that same standard of product. The journey continues and I continue to research this industry. At CleverBotanics we strive to destigmatise Hemp and CBD products and make the astonishing benefits of pure, high-quality hemp accessible, affordable and transparent to all. We are pioneering the efforts to bring Hemp to the mainstream and build its reputation as a valuable supplement where needed.

Please see the link to my blog about my brother's path to discovering CBD by clicking the link below.




At Clever Botanics, we do our best to avoid Synthetics, as the natural plant, elements interact with one another, and within the human body, they produce a stronger impact together than any one of those components could achieve in isolation.

We are building a platform to enable transparency in the supply chain whilst honouring the IP of the individual producers. We look to find potency and purity in the confines of an ethically produced organic/non-GMO foundation.

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A holistic approach to WellBeing. A healthy and sustainable lifestyle extends beyond the products you use. We source products to form combined health in mind and body in a jar from all over the world.

Although hemp has been around for some time, the usage in the west was mostly for all the wrong reasons! However, its medicinal benefits or its "spiritual" purpose were recognised for thousands of years in the Middle East and spread out via the silk road to all of central Asia. We do appreciate that many are trying it for the first time. We are here with a promise to you that our products are sourced with utmost care with ingredients that are natural, clean and safe and as organic as humanly possible.

We are indeed working on a small number of original products to release in the next six months.